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Ace-America is a website dedicated to change management and website making. Through these pages you will first see how the consultants conduct a mission and what to expect out of it.

We also present our website conception skills and some tools for webmasters.

<The following text can be found in the presentation at: this address:Website conception >

We do not make plain websites with a mountain of boring info that stands on a static background, bitmaps that load progressively and ugly non useful links that grow exponentially. The search engines decided that links should measure a website popularity, but it is nonsense for most users!

It gets so bad that some companies prefer not to be listed in the top results of a web search. They contend that too many links all over the Internet could harm their image. Links, links, links! In fact, this narrow minded logic works well for the websites that sell online, need to reach a large public and those that are not famous enough to attract their visitors on a brand name alone. For all the others, image, image, image should be the first concern! Html is of only little help to them.

Flash makes Html look like an antiquity, and the Web is not going to remain in its present state for very long. The future is Flash and Flash like presentations. We believe this very firmly. We work with Flash to enhance our customers image. And Php serves to bring the most relevant information to their visitors. Let us know what your favorite theme is, and we will send you an offer that you will not turn down.

Flash is nicer, but also more technical. And it is difficult to insert in the Google, Yahoo and MSN top search results. There are ways around these problems though. The answer is: links, links and link!. Therefore, we will add some html pages to your website that satisfy the search engines requirements but not harming your image. And you will also get a free and permanent listing in the most en vogue web directories.

<End of the text to be found in the presentation at :Website conception >

This brings about a fundamental issue. The major search engines refuse year after year to index the Flash material, although it is perfectly feasible from a technical standpoint. This could be a classical economics case of monopolistic practice that blocks progress because the users always revert to a habitual engine. The fight between the Google and Microsoft giants sounds like a joke if you realize their tacit agreement to maintain the web at the age of stone.

Visit ACE-AMERICA, the one and only, you'll enjoy it.

Ace AEA change management

ACE Europe is at

Welcome page
The ACE group
Our approach to changes
More on our change management
D-Cap, the fast way for quick changes
D-Cap Diagnostic of the need to change
D-Cap The conception phase of change
D-Cap Commit the changes by installing
D-Cap To make the changes permanent
Basis of partnership - page under update
Our durable change management actions

On the left are the Flash slide show files: They are light, well below 60kb, and easy to load for any type of connection.


Company presentation and objectives.

Our approach to change management.

Our other activities like website conception.

Our references.

Website intro
Interventions 1
Interventions 2
Main menu

This is an Internet Explorer version of our website that was created before we turned to Flash. It also serves to feed the search engines with material they can read.

Graphics are not as good but it should be readable by the oldest non Flash browsers. And Google maybe!

Website intro
Interventions 1
Interventions 2
Main menu

And if you are surfing around with Netscape 6+ / Mozilla and not Flash, you should follow these links on the left. There are very few of you left nowadays.

May we recommend our affiliates and friends links to you:

complete search the net Complete Search in Asia and Africa.
complete search the store Online store and products downloads
complete search in the USA Our American headquarters / US retail outlet
complete search in the UK European headquarters / UK retail outlet
complete search in Belgium

This is our second European Union outlet - the website is in French.

We will soon post a demo at that location.

complete search organization Complete-Search FAQ and Forums.
complete search directory Complete-Search free directory system.
complete search developments Our complete-search information website for developers and testers.

Also presenting:

The Nostradamia theater
A Flash cartoon can carry out an ungorgetable message. Still in the making.
Nostradamus in English
Prophecies directory

A javascript presentation can get your visitors to clicks longer through your website.

The very controversial subject of Michel de Nostredame is not for us to solve, but we do expose it.

Nostradamus in French

This website is more or less the same as the above but in French.

Try the complete-search engine on this 800 pages website.

The major interest of this website for a search engine testing and development is the richness of vocabulary of the Nostradamus Centuries. Over 100 000 distinct words had to be indexed and optimized for. This is more than any other website. The pain it took pyas back.

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You can see some concrete application of a complete-search concept where te search capability takes over the website.

Besides these, we have many other websites and types of designs to suggest to you. Ask. You can find our email address in the Flash menu.